Newark Kit Car Shows

The End of Newark Kit Car Show

Newark kit car show has always been a kit car show I have managed to get to each and every year. The only time I missed the show was in 2009 and that was when I was travelling Australia at the time. So as you can guess I am a little bit upset about the thought of there not being a Newark kit car show 2014. So where has it gone? Well Newark Kit Car Show has been slowly getting smaller every year from 2010 and it has been it with some of the … [Read More...]

Sonic Seven Kit Car - Very Nice

Newark Kit Car Show 16th 17th June 2012

This is a kit car show that I have pretty much always gone too, its way up north for me and when I use to live in Milton Keynes, it was still a good couple of hours away so now that I live on the south coast you are looking at about a 6-hour … [Read More...]


The MEV TR1KE Kit Car

So after this years Stoneleigh kit car show our club started to really notice the amount of three wheeled kit cars that are coming to market and with one of our club members already having a Scorpion … [More...]

Ultima Kit Cars

Stoneleigh Kit Cars Show 2013 Photos

A year has passed since the last Stoneleigh Kit Car Show and this year had the sunshine although there did not seem to be any real kit car launches unlike last year when they launched the Razor kit … [More...]