Newark Kit Car Show 2013

Electric Kit Car

Newark Kit Car Show is always a show I try to get to but due to me moving to the south coast, I don't like to drive my kit car that distance any more. This is because the buggy is not the most comfortable, and because I am getting a bit old to spend five hours in a car. So this year I am heading up … [Read more...]

The MEV TR1KE Kit Car


So after this years Stoneleigh kit car show our club started to really notice the amount of three wheeled kit cars that are coming to market and with one of our club members already having a Scorpion I figured that I would look a bit further into the world of three wheeled kit cars and so I am going … [Read more...]

Stoneleigh Kit Cars Show 2013 Photos

Ultima Kit Cars

A year has passed since the last Stoneleigh Kit Car Show and this year had the sunshine although there did not seem to be any real kit car launches unlike last year when they launched the Razor kit car. However I do love Stoneleigh and I plan on coming for a few more years yet :-) … [Read more...]