The MEV TR1KE Kit Car


So after this years Stoneleigh kit car show our club started to really notice the amount of three wheeled kit cars that are coming to market and with one of our club members already having a Scorpion I figured that I would look a bit further into the world of three wheeled kit cars and so I am going … [Read more...]

The Freestyle Buggy Kit Car

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The freestyle buggy kit car is one of my favourite kit cars, and this is purely because I’ve been an owner of one for nearly 10 years now. The freestyle is a mini based kit car. It uses the front subframe from the mini, and that is bolted to the back office space frame chassis The front of the … [Read more...]

Grinnall Scorpion 3 Wheeled Kit Car

Grinnall Scorpion Kit Car

The Grinnall Scorpion is one of the most distinguished three-wheeled cars available. The Grinnall Scorpion looks forward rather than backwards when it comes to the three-wheeled vehicles. The Grinnall Scorpion is powered by a high-performance motorcycle engine brought to you by BMW, which is … [Read more...]

Westfield Kit Cars

Westfield X1

THE HISTORY OF WESTFIELD In 1982, engineer and historic grand prix racer Christopher Smith decided that he wanted to build a replica of one of his favourite racing cars, and that was the sensational and sexy looking 1956 Lotus XI Le Mans car. Being such a fantastic engineer his accuracy was … [Read more...]